How to Beat Floor 18 100 Floors Solve all Level Tricks

This is tips for how to beat floor 18 on 100 floors. The harder puzzle in this game begin on level 15 when you have to enter PIN code. then on floor 16 you confused by screw while on floor 17 is confused by the ball :)

floor 18 on 100 floors

The key in floor 18 100 floors game is speed. you have to  tap all 5 buttons very fast while the light is still on. and don't forget to tap the right sequence like on the picture above. the sequence are :

floor 18 on 10 floors

first tap the bottom left button , 2nd middle right button, 3rd midle left button, 4th top right button, 5th top left button. now the door will be opened and you will see the arow with green color for going to next floor. that's tips for

100 floors floor 18

Floor 19 100 floors
this is easy clean the window using red cloth, slide and slide your finger on the windows until it's clean.

how to beat floor 18 100 floors

floor 18 100 floors

Floor 20 100 floors
tap screw driver (pick up) , then tap and drag the yellow sign so it's moved to the right side then tap screw and place it to the empty one. affter that tap screwdriver and turn the screw by sliding you finger down touching the screw, you will see the screw spins.

After this floor 18 on 100 floors, find more fun puzzle in next level hints of 100 Floors game
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by : Julia HC