Dooors Level 58 -59- 60 Explanation

The new update is just available, and this is game guide for Dooors Level 58 - 59 and 60. You can find explanation by text and images. On stage 58 you will see a falg with number 7 in it. That's the code

dooors level 58

* For Doors level 58 (with 2 Letter O not triple O,  go here : doors - floors level 58

dooors level 58

There are 11 white dots on the background.
Make 7 of them become green dots, choose the dots like on the picture livello 58 above

dooors level 58

dooor Level 59
- tap the gun
- shoot the rope
- Rotate you iphone with same direction on picture
- Rotate again until all of dots turn green

dooors level 58

doors Level 60 solution
  • tap the gun
  • shoot all of ballons this will make the clue clear
  • shoot the door's hinges
  • tap the hammer to hit the nail with code (the code means 1st nail is higher then 2nd nail. 4th nail is same high as 5th nail etc)

for first nail = do not hit
for second nail = hit 1x
for third nail = hit 2x
for forth nail = hit 1x
for fifth nail = hit 1x
for sixth nail = do not hit
(Look at the picture for detail answer)

If you need more explanation after this dooors level 58 -59 - 60 guide, please look at dooors 61 guide click here

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by : Julia HC