100 Doors Level 58

Now we are here in the fire puzzle game, so Welcome to 100 doors level 58 guide. On this door you will see fire, hydrant and bucket.

Sure your task is to extinguish the fire. How to do this? please follow the 58 livello steps below

Note : if you are looking for Dooors-58 with 3 O (not doors) go here
100 doors levle 58

100 doors 58

1. pickup the bucket
2. now use the bucket from the inventory
3. fill it with water by tapping hydrant
4. Touch the bucket that is filled by water
5. Now extinguish the fire by tapping the fire

Hey you have solve the door 58 100 doors

100 door level 58

Door 59
A. choose Blue color stone
B. the second tap is for woods
C. Last tap is for shells (give it five times taps)

Well congratulation you have opened 100 doors level 58 and 59.
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by : Julia HC